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We are working hard to build a community as a team. We want to develop mutual respect and shared responsibility. We act with positive regard and we are accountable to our actions. We do what it takes to build a community where residents are happy, feel safe, and where people stick together. We support the people in our community, we increase the opportunity for people to socialize with new friends and stay connected with existing friends. We support and encourage people to volunteer in our community to build a stronger and better network and most importantly have fun together!


The Heartland Community Association endeavours to help build community throughout Heartland. Our commitment as a team is to serve and help connect the people who call Heartland home, giving the homeowners a voice and creating connection opportunities for our diverse neighbourhood.


  • We encourage participation of all residents of Heartland.

  • We provide community input to all levels of government on issues affecting our neighbourhood.

  • We provide information to help residents educate themselves on current community issues.

  • We monitor development proposals.

  • We seek neighbourhood input.

  • We encourage developers to consult with the neighbourhood.

  • We encourage respectful dialogue amongst members.


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Some of our Sponsors over the years...

Apex Land:

Cabeza Grande:

Cochrane Home Treasures:

Cochrane Foundation:

Daytona Homes:

Jana Husmann Real Estate:

Phoenix Rising, Bookkeeping:

Robin's Nest Handmade: Fb @Handmade.robinsnest


Town of Cochrane:

It was  a great and successful 2023 AGM meeting; thank you to everyone who attended. A special thanks to our representatives from Rohit, the new developer who is taking over for APEX. Thank you for making the trip all the way from Edmonton to meet with our board, it means a lot to us and our community. We had an amazing relationship with Apex over the past years and have been supported by them in so many different ways. We are excited to build a strong relationship with Rohit to build on the foundation APEX has created to make this community the best in town.

Read the  article:
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